Summer apps

Mejores apps para el veranooSummer apps - The summer applications They are very useful for any getaway at this time of year, thanks to them you can organize yourself without fear of finding jellyfish when you get to the beach or a plague of mosquitoes in the river.

Today we propose some mobile apps for a good vacation :.

iPlay: The application is one of the most used in Spain due to its good functioning and usefulness. It is very easy to use: select the beach you want and you will be able to see what the weather is like, the wind, the type of waves, the water temperature, the ultraviolet radiation index and the thermal sensation. In addition to everything it offers, it is completely free for Android and iOS.

Skyscanner: is a travel application that allows you to buy the prices of flights and stays, it is very easy to use and it is free for both iOS and Android.

Medjelly: You arrive at the beach and ... horror, it is invaded by jellyfish! This will not happen to you with the Medjelly application developed by the CSIC and the Mediterranean Science Commission. The app informs you if the beach you select has jellyfish or not. At the moment it is only available for the beaches of Catalonia and the application is free for iPhones.

Anti-Mosquitoes: I'm not sure if it works 100% but the app promises to deter mosquitoes thanks to "ultrasound not perceptible to the human ear". We will have to try it since it is free both in the AppStore and in Google Play.

reconstruction: the application reports on the state of the sea in Spain. The app alerts you to the maritime states, the expected tides and also has a multimedia map in which we can visualize how the waves and tides of the Mediterranean and Atlantic are going to change in the next 24 hours.La aplicación "Momentos al sol" de Garnier Delial

SurfinSpain: if you didn't have enough with iMar, SurfinSpain (for iOS) offers daily information on the height of the waves, their direction, interval, speed and wind direction. A very useful tool for surfers and aquatic athletes.

Moments in the sun: the sunscreen company Garnier Delial has created this application so that we can enjoy the sun. The application sends us notifications reminding us when to apply the sunscreen again so as not to burn and take care of our skin, we can also check the weather report and receive alerts when the degree of UVA rays is too high and dangerous for our health.

Chiringuía: is a guide to chiringuitos in Spain, it is available for Android.

Do you use any other application? Have you tried these?