Aid and subsidies for entrepreneurs in Spain


If you are an entrepreneur and want your idea to become a stable business, you will surely need financing to start it up. The thing is, finding funding to make it happen can be quite a challenge. So much so that it can even mean the failure of a great idea. Don't let that happen to you!

Of course, remember never to make plans assuming that they will grant you aid because we may not receive it. It is best to have a budget in advance and a marketing strategy to help you meet and attract customers. Have a website and that is good positioned among the first Google results It is key to the success of any business today.

Grants and subsidies to set up a business in Spain

In Amesb We tell you what are the main aids and subsidies for entrepreneurs that you can access in Spain.

Single payment for unemployment

The objective of the subsidy is to help start new self-employment projects, to access it you must meet several requirements:

  1. When applying for aid, the activity for which it is requested cannot have started.
  2. Have the right to collect a minimum of three months unemployment benefit.
  3. Not having obtained this aid in the last four years.
  4. The objective of the work activity must be self-employment.
  5. Once the benefit has been collected, the activity must start within a maximum period of one month.

Kit Digital

This is an important line of non-refundable aid approved by the Government of Spain from European Next Generation funds, allocating 3,000 million euros to SMEs and the self-employed. Its objective is to help small businesses make the leap into the digital world, being able to benefit from up to €12,000 for web design services, creation of online stores, improvement of Advanced SEO Internet presence and professional management of social networks.

Companies with more than 10 workers have until December 31, 2022 to request it. For companies that have between 3 and 9 workers, the term is until September 2, 2023. And finally, companies with less than 3 workers or self-employed workers, have a term until October 20, 2023.

If you want more information about these grants you can request more information at Digitizing Agents

Youth aid

There are several aids dedicated to young people since they are the sector that presents the most unemployment (more than 50%). Among them is Enisa's Entrepreneurship Participatory Loan for Young People. If you are a young entrepreneur attentive to the main requirements:

  1. Age less than 40 years.
  2. Help aimed at acquiring the necessary assets to carry out the activity.

Help women

There are several grants for women entrepreneurs, among them we find the Microcredits from the Ministry of Equality, all women who wish to undertake and who have problems accessing financing or who do not have an endorsement can request it, other help comes from the Women's Institute that has of technical and financial advice for women.

But also, in some communities such as Catalonia, there are other aids such as subsidies for technology-based companies led by women, which support the growth and consolidation of this type of project. The funds are allocated, for example, to the costs of contracted personnel, training and consultancy expenses, the start-up of new products or services and communication and dissemination expenses.

Aid to trade, service, craft and fashion companies

The purpose of this type of aid is to promote and boost the commercial and service sector to favor the quality and competitiveness of the fashion and crafts sectors. Being able to benefit from them those self-employed professionals who are registered in the self-employed workers regime.

Innovation aid

There are grants for technological activities. Enisa financially helps technology projects, the Ministry of Economy offers support to entrepreneurs with tax reductions of between 35% and 60%.

Aid for internationalization

Foreign trade is a step further for any company, if you want to go for it consult the aid for entrepreneurs that the Foreign Trade Institute.

eTrade International Program

This program is focused on granting aid for digital internationalization projects to SMEs that are based in Catalonia and that have billed more than 100,000 euros in the last year. In addition, they must have a web page in a foreign language and an international promotion plan. Some of the eligible actions are international web design and programming expenses, content creation, development of digital marketing plans and advertising and communication expenses.

Subsidies for the digital transformation of commerce and restaurants in Barcelona

The purpose of these grants is to promote and accelerate the digital transformation of the retail and restaurant sector in Barcelona so that it can adapt to new trends and consumer habits and meet the new needs and demands of increasingly digital consumers.

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