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He Government of Spain has launched a new line of aid for SMEs and SELF-EMPLOYED 3 billion euros. these aids bottomless come from European Next Generation funds.

They will be granted to SMEs and Self-Employed who request it in strict order of application provided that they meet the conditions and requirements established in the program,depending on the workers they have on staff and the digital services they choose from the Kit Digital catalogue.

What is the Digital Kit?

Kit Digital is a program that goes Aimed at SMEs and the self-employed, from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation with the aim of helping small and micro-enterprises in their digital transformation process. These financial aids allow access to a large catalog of digital solutions such as:

  • Website and internet presence: Up to €2,000
  • E-commerce: Hasta € 2,000.
  • Management of social networks: Up to €2,500.
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Who can Request the Digital Voucher?

autonomous with or without workers, micro-enterprises and SMEs up to 49 workers.

¿Quién puede solicitar el kit digital?
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Digital Solutions Categories KIT DIGITAL Aanashb
Website and internet presence 2000€ 2398€
E-commerce 2000€ 3398€
Social media management 2000€ – 2500€ between €2,200 and €4,400

How can I request the Digital Bonus?

Get in touch as quickly as possible with us through the form because…


So the sooner you apply the better!!

Step 1: Fill in the form indicating what services you are interested in
Step 2: We will contact you, we will advise you
Step 3: Once you are clear about the services and their cost, we will process your digital voucher
Step 4: We start working