Shopping with Google Shopping

He positioning web In addition to serving to position websites, blogs, videos, news etc., it is also used to position products in Google Shopping. The new Google search tool allows users to perform a web positioning on their products.

Google Shopping It is oriented to purchases, the objective is that consumers can search for the product they want, can buy prices, see its characteristics, which stores sell it and therefore establish interactivity between merchant and buyer. The objective is that the user can find, compare and share products online.

He positioning in Google Shopping is based on positioning the products (for example: a refrigerator), that is, the same process is carried out as with the web page positioning but applied to individual items. First, you must include your products in the G.Shopping database and enter the characteristics of each item (identifier, title, description, price, link, status), as well as other data regarding size, brand or availability of said product.

The elements in which you have to pay attention for a good web positioning of products son:

- The title: it should contain the keyword or keywords that define the product, that is, the words the customer will search for it.

- Description: it is one of the key elements, it must be a description that contains keywords (without exaggeration), short, simple and direct phrases.

- Optional data: it is best to offer the user as much data as possible so that they are well informed and at the same time so that the search engine has more specific characteristics of our products.

- Social factors: thanks to the tool Google+1 users can comment and share the different products found in Google Shopping.

- Update: reviewing the articles and having a continuous update allows the client to trust our products (since they know that behind there is a company that cares about their articles and that it really "exists") and that Google position us better.

He Vice President of Google Shopping, Sameer Samat, strongly believes in Google's shopping tool as it responds to the change that is taking place in consumer behavior. According to Samat, customers are adopting new forms of purchase, although online shopping is not yet widespread, what is certain is that half of consumers research on the Internet about a product they want to buy before going to the store. In other words, customers are informed before buying compulsively.

He positioning web is being applied in the majority of platforms of the great search engine since it is a good way to appear first in Google and attract potential customers, the same happens in Google Shopping.

If you have questions about Google Shopping or web positioning in search engines, do not hesitate to contact us.