Google Adwords for video advertising is now available to all advertisers

google-adwords-for-video-screen2Google Adwords for video advertising was in beta phase but now it is at the service of all merchants and interested parties. The tool works in a similar way to the traditional Google Adwords system, its objective is to increase the notoriety of advertisers through video advertising. The merchant only pays for each viewing of his ad and therefore the budget of the ads will depend on the users who have been interested in the video.

Google Adwords provides options that help companies target the desired customer, it is possible to define the right audience by promoting the video by keyword so that it appears in YouTube search results or choosing to display the ad according to the topic that interests the potential customer. client.

According to the official Google Spain blog, this service has multiple advantages, the most important being that Adwords for video provides a wide range of possibilities to reach the right audience. Another feature of this tool is that it facilitates the possibility of measuring the effectiveness of the investment since it allows the merchant to know the number of users who viewed the full video, visited their website or consulted their channel to see another video.