IPhone apps for SEO

iphone4_iphone5If you have an iPhone this interests you. IPhones are very useful to be in communication at all times but also to keep us informed and even to be able to track SEO processes that we manage. These follow-ups can be done with the help of a few iPhone appsHere are some that are very useful.

1. Website SEO Analyzer

It is a free application and serves to analyze in general the one page SEO profile. The application collects information about the site (indexed pages, age, traffic, expiration etc.), also about the SEO On Page (page loading time, title tag, size, meta description etc.) and information regarding the level of popularity, ie PageRank and inbound links.

2. Link Juice

Link Juice is one of the best applications to analyze the linlk juice, that is, the force of links and popularity of a website. The app gives information about the authority, the popularity of the page and the domain that it obtains from tools such as SEOmoz, MajesticsSEO, SEMRush and BackTweets.

The price of Link Juice is 1.59 euros.

3. HTML Viewer

This is one free app that allows you to see the HTML code of the web page that is visited, with the choice of verifying its design version (when accessed through the iPhone it is possible that a specific version of the web for this type of mobile device will be seen). HTML Viewer can also be used to search the code and send it by email.

4. Quicklytics

Quicklytics is used to see in general the Google Analytics statistics of a website: the number of visits, the page views ... It is a very useful application to control the traffic of your websites from your iPhone.

The Quicklytics application has a cost of 1.59 euros.

5. Raven Tools

Raven Tools is one of the best web tools for SEO campaign management. The application integrates with Google Analytics and allows you to manage and monitor the presence on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

The downside of Raven Tools is that it is a payment tool, its minimum cost is $ 19 a monthThe good news is that it can be downloaded for both iPhone and iPad and is very easy to use.

Do you use any other application for SEO? You can share it with us through comments on the blog, at facebook and in our twitter.