Start a web project and position it on the internet

Start a project on the internet – Create a website, SEO, appear first in Google… the most difficult thing is to start because there is a lot to do before having our online project ready (web, blog…). Before starting, it is convenient to be clear about what you want to achieve and how to avoid having to make many modifications later, it is better to do it right from the beginning. You may be insecure at first because you don't know if the idea you have in mind will work or not, the ideal is to consult with online marketing professionals who can guide you on the subject to avoid failure. It is important that you are clear about these aspects:

  1. Identify the market: define the market niche to which you belong, do not try to cover a very large sector because you will not be able to compete from the beginning with large companies.
  2. Business model: the growth of your future income should not depend on costs, the business model must be scalable. You have to make a budget, that is, a feasibility calculation, at the time of starting the project to know almost exactly the initial and future investment.
  3. Have a catchy name for the project: the creative part is very important to capture the attention of clients and for them to easily remember our name. In the initial phase, you have to choose the name, slogan, corporate image, blog design... take it easy, brainstorm ideas, consult other people...
  4. Register a domain: make sure you have a Web domain for your online space, for it Amesb offers the contract or domain service. It is something that many beginners believe is not important but the truth is that it is essential for a good web positioning.
  5. Site design: there are many types of designs depending on what we want to convey to users, it can be from a corporate website, an online store, a catalog, a blog... So that the platforms are completely accessible, with a functional and aesthetic design and that they also have the necessary SEO technology to appear first in Google must be worked on professionally.

If you are thinking of starting a new project or you need your company to have a new website that is easy to find on the internet, do not hesitate to consult us.