The important aspects that Google values ​​of a website

google-positioning-seoThe reference search engine of the network is undoubtedly GoogleFor this reason, it has become an essential tool for experts in the natural positioning of web pages. Google analyzes different aspects of websites and blogs to value and trust them. One of the factors that the great North American search engine takes into account is the site age, that is to say, a domain that has a certain time of permanence in the network will be analyzed before by Google than one that has just been created and therefore the first one will have the confidence of the search engine. Another criterion analyzed are the quality web linksThe better the links, the more prestigious the site will have, it must be taken into account that it is not advisable to abuse the reciprocal links between the pages because Google can penalize the web in question.

The tactic that Google values ​​in SEO and is the best known by users is the keywords of quality to position the web domain. It is recommended that the number of keywords chosen to position the web or blog is not more than eight so that the weight is distributed throughout the text. An essential characteristic for any website is that it must have quality content that may be of interest to users, in this field a good design or image of the place also helps the Internet user to stay longer on it. For the search engine to positively value your website and you can appear first in Google, you must do a good job ofSEO positioning and thus reach the maximum possible number of clients.

As they say: if you are not in Google you do not exist.