Improve the positioning of your online business with SEO optimization

He SEO It is not easy, especially for e-commerce websites, that is, direct sales of products or services. To improve the web positioning of a business on the web and thus attract customers and generate sales, various factors must be taken into account. An important aspect is that the web must have unique and interesting content, thus Google will know that it is a quality site and that therefore it is a website that deserves to be visited, the search engine algorithms recognize it and positively influence the SERP rankingss. It is essential to know what consumers are looking for to write keywords that generate traffic on the web.

EcommerceIn the cases of sales portals it is sometimes convenient to create pages for the categories and subcategories of the articles, products or services that are offered. This is because Internet users when conducting a search tend to write the name of the specific product, such as "Epson stylus r200 cartridge", if we create subsections on the web for more specific searches we can get more customers than if we only used more generic keywords such as "printer cartridges".

It is necessary the internal link optimization within the web that lead to products or categories using the appropriate keywords as a link. This helps search engines like Google locate and index other pages on the web. Links increase the relevance of the site and help to improve web visibility thus increasing its organic positioning. Getting quality links from other sites, backlinks, is an important element that can help us to be the first in Google, for this it is advisable to have a company blog where you can talk about the products and generate interesting current content for the customer.

As we have commented in other blog entries, social media campaigns, that is, the use of social networks such as Google+, Facebook or Twitter, help to improve web positioning.

Finally, it is recommended that the web allows visitors to leave comments as this will increase the relevance of the site also in this way the communication between company and client is not unidirectional and a greater bond of trust is established.