Effective advertising for web positioning

Effective advertising for web positioningEffective advertising for web positioning – The ads that we remember the most are those that for some reason have impacted or moved us. Advertising that takes into account the emotional side of the public is often more successful than informative advertising.

Advertising, whether on the internet, television or print, must have an emotional impact on the viewer so that it has an effect on him, which is what is sought. The objective of advertising is to promote a product, service or brand and that this is not only seen by the possible user but also remembered in the short and long term, everything that appeals to personal emotions and that produces a feeling in the receiver will be remembered.

The emotional advertising companies are interested in taking into account the positioning web and the website optimization because it is a good method to climb positions and reach appear first in Google. This type of emotional advertising requires being clear about who the message is addressed to in order to better define it and be more effective, that is to say that each group in society has an identity, for example it is not the same to make an advertisement aimed at adolescents than at grown ups.

Since we have defined the public we are going to address (taking into account their preferences, ideology, economic level, etc.) we begin to base ourselves on several criteria for emotional advertising to be effective, some of these aspects are:

  • Generation: each generation has its peculiarities, fashion, experiences, events, idols, music... These elements are part of an entire generation and it is what unites them. If we want to address a specific age group, we must take their generation into account and look for what elements we could incorporate into our advertising campaign so that viewers feel identified with what we are advertising.
  • Culture: If the public we are addressing is united by the culture or traditions of the group, it is a good factor to take into account.
  • Empathy: Putting yourself in the user's shoes is an exercise in finding out what interests them and what their preferences are. We must know the public we are targeting in order to define the campaign and know how they are going to respond to it. A mistake that many companies make is to make large advertising spots without knowing the user to whom it is directed.
  • Time: The context in which the advertisement is placed is important. The political, economic and social news is also an element that should not be avoided. A great example of emotional advertising that takes current affairs into account is the latest advertisement for “Campofrio” in which reference is made to the difficult economic situation, job insecurity, scams by preferred banks, etc. It is an advertisement that has reached the population emotionally because they touch on issues that affect them, that is the key to emotional advertising.

Although emotional advertising is usually linked to television because these campaigns are mostly based on audiovisuals, it is also a key element of SEO. This emotional publicity, if it is good, will directly affect the positioning web of our online space, making the company more visible to all users.

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