Having your images appear on Google increases your relevance on the web

The images that appear in the search results of search engines such as Google come from blogs, media websites, image banks, etc. Google has the ability to index images that are in JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, SVG, and WebP formats.

imagenes-google1-300x184When we do an image search on Google on search engine identifies what we are looking forIn other words, in a search for "macaroni" it knows how to differentiate what macaroni is from another type of pasta and shows us only the images that correspond to macaroni. When our algorithms index images they take into account the textual content of the web page in which it is located to have information about it, they also look at the body and title of the page, and also you can obtain information from the image with its filename. Another way to know more about the photo is to obtain information about it through the caption of the image. So that the search engine can find the images you have on your website or blog, make sure that they can be track backFor this, it must be in one of the compatible formats that we mentioned at the beginning of this post. It is important that the name of the image is related to its content and what we have written about it on our page.

Sometimes the Google robot is the one that tracks the images and not the Google Images, this happens when it is not certain that a URL leads to an image, that is, we first track the URL with the robot. In the event that a URL directs to a photo or image, we will visit it again with the Google Images robot, that is why it is advisable to allow the tracking of images and pages with both the Google Images robot and that of Google .

Sending a sitemap of the images has advantages, the sitemaps tell us what we have new images and can provide us with a description that helps us know what they are.

If the images of your website appear in the results of Google Images, it has a greater chance of being visited by people who are interested in the services or products that your company offers and appear among the first results in Google.