Graph Search es la novedad de Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg ha anunciado novedades tecnológicas en Facebook. Lo nuevo de la red social más popular es Graph Search, a buscador oficial de Facebook. Con esta nueva herramienta los usuarios podrán realizar búsquedas relacionadas con el contenido publicado en la red social por todas aquellas personas que sigan en Facebook.

Facebook aún no ha comunicado la fecha oficial a partir de la cual Graph Search estará disponible. Igual que aplicamos el SEO en las páginas web para mejorar elposicionamiento en los buscadores, para el nuevo buscador podemos aplicar pautas parecidas para aparecer entre los primeros resultados. As it is a search engine, our Facebook page of the company, business ... So we are talking about something relatively new, the Facebook SEO.

Graph Serach together with Facebook SEO is the opportunity for many businesses for users to find your page, that is, if someone is interested in "Thai cuisine" and looks for it (in the future when the search engine is available) in Graph Search the pages on this subject they must "compete" with each other to appear first and gain followers. These are all assumptions because the new tool is not yet available but surely the SEO It will be important in the social network so better be prepared when the time comes.

How to prepare our fanpage for SEO?

  • Have a custom URL or Vanity URL: it is important that the name of the page or the theme appears in the URL of the page. If it is a local business, it would be advisable to include the name of the city in which it is located.
  • The direction: of the company, business, group ... it must be updated so that users can easily find us according to their location.
  • Content: with the new Facebook search engine we will have to optimize our Timeline, therefore we must have a good EdgeRank position, paying attention to updates with visual content such as images or videos, making the entries attractive and relevant to users. When we publish content on social networks, we must try not to bombard the followers with a lot of information, balance the balance between the information that we want to publish and that that the user wants, always of quality.
  • Type of messages: Internet publications must be short, direct and concise, we must try to summarize as much as possible what we want to convey. They must be powerful messages that capture the attention of our followers.
  • Updating old entries: Graph Search will allow you to find the oldest publications easily, so you must make sure that they correspond to the line that you are currently following to favor your effective web positioning and your future positioning on Facebook. When we talk about updating entries, we mean reviewing links, correct data, etc.

The above recommendations are a guide to optimizing a Facebook page, when Graph Search is available, surely new aspects will emerge that we will have to take into account for SEO.