Tools for Twitter

tools_twitter_seoHe SEO has Twitter as a great ally. Currently the population uses the smartphones to surf the net and to communicate especially by text. It is important that the platforms or websites are adapted to screens of mobile phones since the user needs to access them comfortably from anywhere. Twitter is the most used social network to share content, read all the news, make yourself known, monitor the competition, find out about market trends and above all interact. In other words, Twitter is the basic support that every web page, company or product needs.

There aretools that help you to control your account on twitter, be it your personal account or a company account. The tools are very easy to use and are key to differentiating a good Community Manager of a simple Twitter user. It is important not to stay only with the basics of social networks but to exploit them to the maximum to achieve the highest profitability since the main objective is to gain a foothold in the network and if possible appear first in Google.

Here are some tools for Twitter:


It is a tool that examines what is the time of maximum activity of your followers, that is, indicates the best time to tweettaking into account when your followers have tweeted. In this way you will ensure that your tweets are read by the maximum number of your followers. To use the Tweriod tool you must register in your webOnce registered, a maximum of 1000 of your followers will be analyzed and a document will be generated indicating the best time to publish your tweets.


Analyze Twitter activity. It makes it easy for you to analyze and optimization of your account to make your space on Twitter more effective. Followerwonk offers 5 elements: the search through the bios of the different user profiles, comparison between accounts, analysis of followers (followers), types of followers and monitoring of these.


The Twitonomy tool informs you of the number of tweets that a specific user publishes every day, the number of links (links) that a specific tweet receives (it can be yours), what percentage of your tweets are retweeted, etc. It is a basic tool but quite useful to be informed about what is happening around your Twitter account.


Tweetsheet offers you the information of your Twitter in a graphic and visual way. The application prepares reports with which you can quickly get an idea of ​​who your most active followers are, from where they write and which tweets (and therefore topics) are the most interesting to them of your publications.

Twile Share

With this tool it enables us share files via Twitter since TwileShare offers up to 1GB of storage.


This application offers a service similar to Google Alerts but only focused on Twitter posts.

Other Twitter applications that may be of interest: to shorten a URL, it is widely used.

Twtrfrnd: allows you to see the followers you have in common with another user (very useful to closely follow the movements of the competition)

Twollow- You can search for users with a maximum of 5 keywords. This tool is useful to find users with the same interests as you.

MyCleener: to stop following inactive users (who no longer use their account)

Twellow: it's like the yellow pages of Twitter

Group Tweet- To share tweets with a specific group of people.

Klout: it is a tool to know your influence and that of others.

PingTwitter: create a tweet automatically every time you post something on your blog.

Tweettake: to back up your tweets.