The use of different KPIs in your social media strategy

Social networks have transformed the ways of consuming and sharing what interests us. Although we know that social networks are an important tool for marketing strategy choosing the right KPIs is not easy. KPIs are the key performance indicators that help companies know if they are doing a good job in relation to their strategic marketing objectives, that is, a KPI tells us if we are on the right track.

In this blog post we will show you some of the most relevant KPI’s when it comes to monitoring your presence, acquisition and loyalty plan on social networks.


In this aspect we must measure the scope of our presence, it serves to know how many people we are reaching through our accounts in social mediasuch as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or blog articles also to quantify the visualizations of images on networks such as Flickr or Instagram. The presence KPI is the easiest to measure, you just have to do actions such as looking at the number of visits your blog has, the friends you have on Facebook or the number of times your video has been played on YouTube.


In order to monitor the uptake through social networks, it will be essential that you tag the messages and campaigns with recognizable values ​​by your Web Analytics tool so that you can measure their effects in relation to the traffic they generate. To further enhance the acquisition phase, you can add a monetary reference value to obtain the visibility of an approximate ROI, in relation to the average cost you have for each visit that you generate through non-organic acquisition campaigns such as Google Adwords.


To measure loyalty, you have to quantify the effect produced between the brand and users regarding the messages sent through the networks or blogs in which you write, that is, on Twitter, a loyalty brand is the amount of retweets of one of your messages, on Facebook the "likes" and on your blog the clicks. To obtain data to help us in our online marketing campaign It is preferable to select the messages sent by your company and regroup them by themes or products to evaluate which ones have the most impact among customers to enhance them.

If you want your company to appear first in Google, you must take into account the above aspects and carry out an online marketing campaign through a specialized company such as Amesb.