Attraction Marketing

marketingUntil recently, most merchants made an effort to find their customers to offer their products or services, an example of this is the insistent telephone calls from companies to individuals. Many people find it annoying that the seller insists so much and puts pressure on the prospective buyer to buy what they are offering. Opposite to this commercial activity we find what is known as "Attraction Marketing”Which tries to attract potential buyers by making the customers themselves go in search of the product or service. Internetoffers small and large companies expand and make yourself known between people, that is to say that the network is a fundamental means to carry out attraction online marketing campaigns that achieve bring the customer closer to our product. The essential thing to be on the internet is to have a website or a blog of our business, a space where the consumer can see what the company offers. In order for the web to be visible in search engines, positioning tasks If possible, they make you appear first in Google or among the first positions so that the client can find you; It is of little use to have a good website if we do not get people to visit it, if it appears among the first results in search engines, the page will have more traffic and therefore more possibilities of attracting customers. Currently most Internet users have an account on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter and from there they follow the people or companies that interest them, therefore having a profile of your business on these networks helps the connection between client-company.

A good way to appear on the first page of Google results is to hire a company that will locate you in the ads that appear at the top and in the margins of the search engine, it is an easy and fast way to get visits on our page. Hiring this type of ad with a company specialized in web positioning and online marketing is not expensive and is available to small and large companies.