Organization of a new online marketing project

Organization-of-a-new-online-marketing-projectThe preparation of a new website and a good online marketing strategy To get the most out of it, it is often known as a “briefing”. It is a guide, an index with everything that we have to be clear about in order not to make any mistakes.

The first thing to keep in mind when initiating an order by a client who wants a website for their company and / or oroptimize it so that it appears among the first in Google results is the next:

- What does the business or company do?

- Who is the target audience

- What relevant projects or products they have

- In what situation is the business at that moment

These first four steps are important for the online marketing company and the applicant company clarify from the beginning from which point they start, with what resources they have and what they want to achieve. It is essential to do a good job.

The next step would be to develop an index that responds to the following sections:

- Brief history of the company

- Clear description of the business

- Products and / or services offered

- Information about the market (that is, direct and indirect competition, characteristics of the sector, geographical location of the company ...)

- What is the current consumer

- Needs in digital communication

- History of previous efforts in Marketing and results (what was achieved, what failed, what gave better and worse results ...

A briefing does not have a specific structure but it must meet some essential guidelines that should not be ignored:

- The information must go from the general to the particular

- Short extension

- It is advisable to write it or have the client supervise it so that there are no errors

- The objectives must be clear and achievable

As you see before creating a website for a company and doing online marketing tasks there is a time of analysis and preparation so that everything works. If you are interested in having your own website or want to get more out of it, do not hesitate to consult us.