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When we talk about Web Security, our friends the designers, layout designers or expert programmers in wordpress teach us good practices to have optimal security in your web design sabadell with wordpress. With this new article you can learn tricks that will save your life, especially if you suffer constant attacks on your website. All this with simple steps such as keeping your template and your plugins updated, changing the phrases that come by default in the config, not keeping the wp-admin name for the url access to your administrator, using long and complicated passwords to decipher, applying SSL certificates, having an updated antivirus on your website, among many other things. I will not tell you more, if your web design is made with wordpress it will be better that you dedicate a few minutes to read the article.

If you want to promote your business, there is no doubt that you must be on the Internet. All companies need to have an online presence to reach their potential customers and increase their sales. However, creating and managing a website can be complicated, as technical knowledge is often required.

Fortunately, to facilitate the management of this type of platform, there are content managers or CMS, such as Drupal, Joomla or WordPress. Thanks to them, it is possible to publish articles, integrate all the information and manage the visual design, allowing people without much knowledge in this field to be able to design and control a website.

Why bet on a web design with WordPress?

Currently, WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. More than 200 million web pages have been created thanks to it due to its high level of security and its great versatility. Counting on a huge community of developers who are in charge of updating and controlling this tool to improve its performance day by day.

With WordPress it is possible to create corporate websites, digital newspapers, online stores, blogs and reservation portals, for example. Offering a large number of functionalities to adapt the website to the needs of your company, a huge variety of templates and different styles to create a highly personalized and completely tailored page.

A universal platform that includes a large number of tools and resources that can be easily integrated into any website and can be managed without the need for technical or programming knowledge.

Advantages of creating a website with WordPress

  • Web administrable: There are several solutions that can be used to design a website that is easy to manage. WordPress makes the management of blog-type content much easier and we can enjoy full control over the site. Thanks to this, we can have a responsive page with a modern, elegant, clean and friendly design for search engines.

  • Is free: There is no need to pay to create a website with WordPress. All you have to do to start using it is to register, choose the name of the page and implement the design. With which, the process is also very fast and simple.

  • Technical support and community: one of the biggest advantages of web design with wordpress is the large number of people who are part of the platform. A very active community that offers technical support both in forums and in help blogs for users who do not have as much technical knowledge.

  • Does not need maintenance: All the content is installed on the WordPress servers themselves, which are the ones in charge of carrying out all the maintenance of the hosting and the technical part. The updates and maintenance processes are carried out automatically, taking care of notifying the management installation and the latest versions. In addition, they are carried out backups of all website content.

  • A wide variety of functionalities: There are currently around 55,000 plugins that allow you to enjoy all kinds of features, from the most basic to the most specific. With which, it is very possible that you will find a plugin for each need that arises for your website.

  • The source code or HTML is created automatically: It is not necessary to have advanced programming knowledge to manage this content manager. All content works through the method WYSIWYG, which means that what is edited is what can be seen in the final presentation. All generated content is edited and presented in the same way.

  • SEO positioning: Within a page made with WordPress, the blog is one of the most important sections, as it plays a key role in SEO positioning, which means that your website will gain visibility in search results.

AmesB: experts in web design with WordPress

In Amesb we are experts in web design with WordPress. Our expert programmers have extensive experience and have created a multitude of websites and web platforms for all types of companies. We program, develop and design pages based on this well-known CMS. Visible for any device and always looking for a positive user browsing experience.

In addition, our specialized marketing consultants will advise you and work side by side with you to achieve your goals, planning SEM and SEO marketing strategies that help improve digital visibility and increase the conversion rate of your brand.

The satisfaction of our clients over many years shows that the best web design does not have to be the most expensive, but rather the one that best suits your ideas and needs. For this reason, we are committed to permanent contact with the client to create and make the necessary modifications before its final publication. Do not hesitate to contact us to help you grow your business!

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