Advertising on YouTube to reach the customer, a clear example: elrubiusOMG

The importance of advertising on youtubeadvertising on youtube – YouTube and audiovisual channels on the Internet are gaining ground on television. The convenience of seeing what you want at the time you want is the key to its success. Audiovisual content is very strong in the field of attracting users and customers; companies often choose YouTube to post their videos as it is one of the 10 most trafficked websites in the world. Maybe you think “ok, but TV shows still have more viewers”, it is true, but the good thing about YouTube videos is that they are specific content viewed by a specific audience.

An example of what we are saying is the successful channel elrubiusOMG, has more than two million subscribers and its theme is video games combined with a peculiar humor. Despite being something so specific, it manages to group people interested in it. If we go to any of his videos, the first thing that usually appears is a pre-announcement of a video game company. Advertising of another theme can also be reproduced, but the ideal is for video games to appear, since it will be able to attract more public. Another different example is the channel secretosdechicas dedicated to beauty tricks, if we select one of the videos we can find ads dedicated to women.

What we mean by this is that the more focused be one advertising campaign on YouTube the better the results. You don't need a big ad like the one big companies do to position yourself, there are text ads that appear to users interested in the services or products that your company offers.

So much if you want to advertise on YouTube as if you want your videos to be seen you must perform constant tasks of optimization. Advertising your website will help you be among the first results of Google.

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