Video Marketing, a way to reach your customers

Video marketingHe video marketing It is a good tool to reach potential customers of your company. The images and the audiovisual revolution in which we find ourselves are the protagonists of the attention of computer and smartphone users. Companies can use video marketing to make themselves known and connect with the large audience that uses new technologies.

To get your videos to Internet users you must first have a website and better if you have a good marketing strategy. marketing online that positions you between first on google, this way you will be better known and more users will reach you who will also share your videos with the rest of their friends. There are different factors that you must take into account to do video marketing and for it to be effective, they are the following:

Humanize yourself

Users are looking for a personality, they want to know who is behind the company. The company should not be promoted in a too cold and impersonal way because it will not give them much confidence. A good strategy is to introduce the company team, let them know who you are and show closeness to video viewers.

Give advice as if you were a friend

Offering your company's products or services as an advertisement is no longer as effective as before, you must "know" your potential customers, that is, know what they need, how your services can benefit them, what interests they have regarding what What your company offers… Knowing these factors will help you to present what you can offer them as advice, showing them how they can benefit them and how they can change their lives. Advise them about your products or services as if you were a friend, transmitting confidence and security.

Reward the audience

Those who watch your videos are spending part of their time following you, commenting and sharing your audiovisual product. Therefore, what you should do is establish a relationship with them, you can make giveaways that motivate them to continue following you and share your videos even more, in this way you will earn their loyalty and reach more potential customers. A good one social media marketing strategy It will help you share your videos, keep your customers and gain followers.

Share the important moments of your company

In addition to showing videos focused on advertising your company or the events you have attended, it is important not to forget the most human part, for this you can show your successes, whether it is the launch of a new product, the anniversary of the company, template expansion etc. Sharing success with your clients is a way of saying “things are going well, we are evolving positively” and that will make them trust you even more.

share testimonials

Ver de primera mano a los clientes satisfechos es una garantía de éxito. Si un posible cliente ve que otro está contento con aquello que le ha ofrecido tu empresa confiará en ti. La mejor manera de demostrar que tu empresa es de confianza y cumple aquello que promete es dar a conocer los testimonios para llegar a la audiencia.