How to make my website appear first in Google

What-makes-a-website-appear-first-in-GoogleWhat makes a website appear first in Google? Appear among the first natural results in Google It is a complex task because it depends on several factors that the great search engine takes into account. If you want your website to succeed and receive more visits, you should consult a Expert in Web Positioning so that you get the most out of your effort.

Here are the variables that Google considers most important, in this way we can improve the web step by step:

  1. The site must be relevant: The evaluators analyze the algorithm and evaluate it through 5 aspects: if it is vital, if it is useful, if it is relevant or not, and if it is off-topic. The information must be truthful, up-to-date and to be able to be own (not copied). The more specific (specialized in a topic) the web or blog, the more possibilities it has to attract the public.
  2. No al spam: a site that is full of advertising or irrelevant content is not well regarded. Users are also not interested in spammy sites so this is not a good one online marketing strategy.
  3. Boost your keywords: the first results that appear when carrying out a search are the most consulted (those that have received the most visits), for this reason the specific keywords of our website must be promoted.
  4. Social media: many users prefer to stay informed of what interests them through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. If you want your site to work, interact with your potential customers through your social media accounts, post the latest news and be creative to stand out.
  5. The most valued by the user: that the web is relevant, satisfactory, entertaining, of quality and current. For this we must rely on the help in a web design expert.
  6. Geolocation: Local searches can appear among the first Google resultsFor this reason, small businesses use geolocation tools such as GoogleMaps to indicate their address to users.
  7. Best own content: the copied content is not of low quality but it is necessary that it be accompanied by the accreditation of the source. It is always good to offer the client content that they will not find elsewhere, that will make your website unique.

There are more variables that are important for a good web positioning, especially those referring to the SEO optimization. These are quite technical tasks that must be carried out by an expert, so if you want to see your website appear among the first Google results, do not hesitate to contact us.